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Team Training

Our 'off the shelf' training is effective and great value.  We have a wide variety of courses ready to deliver in 1/2 day formats through to week long programs to suit your needs.  Topics include such areas as:  Leadership development, presentation skills, coaching, productivity, human error accident reduction, team building etc. Below is a brief sample of our most popular courses. 

Remember, if you'd like bespoke training to meet your needs precisely then please do get in touch to make this happen.  To give you an idea of the degree of flexibility here are some examples. 
1. Designing and delivering a specific leadership program that builds upon your internal business processes.
2. Designing and co-presenting a program with your leadership team.
3. Working with your experts to design and then training your team to deliver, such as a simulator instructor program.

Team Training: Service
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Speak Easy

Confidence is a critical element for anyone to be successful and is a predictor of performance at work and in life. Mike Catton designed Speak Easy in 2009 and has delivered it 60+ times since then in various formats to over 2,500 people.  This 2 day Presentation Skills course is a game changer for so may people and is an excellent way to develop your team as they go through this transformative experience together.  The PDF below has more details for you.

Peak Performance

This Productivity and Time Management course is about being a high performer, achieving more in less time and feeling great about it. We are increasingly expected to handle higher workloads, on tight timeframes whilst working on multiple projects and so need to play a better game to succeed. Peak Performance is about making the most of all the resources available to you, your personal talents, energy, relationships, time etc to perform at your best.  The PDF below has more details for you.

Train the Trainer

If you need to influence others in order to change behaviours then this is the course for you.  Train the Trainer is for: Leaders who want to influence team behaviours; Trainers who want to develop and deliver transformational programs; Managers who want to improve team performance.  The PDF below has more details for you.

Team Building

You need a healthy and strong team culture that enables team members to perform at their peak. Strengthen and equip your team to be their best through Team Building.  The most strategic act that any organization can take is to better engage and inspire team members, i.e. get the culture right.  Management consultant Peter Drucker said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast", so its worth getting right.


Mike is able to work with you to deliver an awesome team building session for your team so they can perform at their best.  You can rest assured that Mike’s team building sessions are always engaging, entertaining and inspiring.  They contain practical strategies which you and your team can start applying immediately to become a high performing unit.  Team building interventions range from a series of half day sessions delivered over a year, to residential retreats for 2-5 days. Get in touch now via the form on the home page of this website to explore ways to engage and lift your teams performance.

Working Together
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