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Training That Makes a Difference

Team Training: Service
doing work together


Do you need high-value content delivered in an engaging way?  Training programs that yield results are a great investment for your team and business.

Mike is a seasoned trainer with high energy and practical messages that stimulate and motivate audiences.  His programs are all about the application of tools so that the benefits of the training actually materialise.
Mike’s training is tailored to your team’s specific needs and typically are a mix of content delivery, real life simulations and group discussions. Each participant will get practical ideas to make real change. Mike’s training is fun, relaxed, and suitable for all learning styles. 
Mike can assist you in the design and delivery of your program as he has done for numerous other national companies.  Whether you need a single year or multiyear program, and whether you require single day trainings or comprehensive trainings covering several days, Mike can deliver.

Working Together


You need a healthy and strong team culture that enables team members to perform at their peak. Strengthen and equip your team to be their best through Team Building.

The most strategic act that any organization can take is to better engage and inspire team members, i.e. get the culture right.  Management consultant Peter Drucker said that culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Essential to any organisation is a high performing team, and for a team to perform at its best it needs strategies which enable team members to understand each other well, and strategies to enable those team members to work together well.  Only then can teams successfully bring together all of the strengths of each individual, and start to reach optimal performance. 
Mike is able to work with you to design the best possible training for your team so they can perform at their best.   Whatever the design, you can rest assured that Mike’s trainings are always engaging, entertaining and inspiring.  They contain practical strategies which you and your team can start applying immediately and will help your team to become a high performing unit.

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Educate, challenge and inspire your leaders to deliver improved business performance

The leadership role is pivotal to the success of any organisation.  Typically, for an organisation to grow, the leader must first grow.  To facilitate the growth of leaders, our Adventure Leadership Expeditions seek to challenge them, taking them out of their comfort zone and into the stretch zone.  Being in the stunning wilderness of New Zealand, in a close team working environment to overcome challenges, is one aspect of the catalyst for growth.  Other aspects include the development of leadership style through group discussions, and encouraging self belief through overcoming personal challenges.

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