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Delivering International Training

We are passionate about delivering great training that makes a real difference to individuals and teams alike.  Our mission is to assist you in reaching your goals by developing and inspiring your team.  That means that our training not only has to entertain, but also cause behavioural change that leads to improved organisational results.  As such we ensure that our training is engaging, provides great insights and can be immediately applied.  We will deliver the training where ever you need it from a board room in London to a power station in New Zealand.

If you need to contact the team urgently or if your email communication has not been responded to within 3 days (sometimes emails do vanish or get caught in spam filters), please do call or text Mike on +64 212 335571

Mike Catton

Trainer | Speaker | Thought Leader

Mike is an innovative trainer with a passion for productivity and performance.  His past experiences as a Chartered Aircraft Engineer responsible for a fleet of 30+ aircraft, and leading teams of 120+ people in the Army, including on operational tours of duty, ensures that his training is practical and well received at all levels.


His training is focused on the practical application of the latest research into human performance and his work has won international awards.  As such Mike is in demand to design and deliver practical and engaging programs for government departments and corporate entities. 


Mike has a long term partner and 2 sons, so values quality family time.  This is combined with a passion for adventures, so expect to find him and his family tramping, rafting, biking, skiing and generally enjoying the outdoors.

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Robin Smith

Trainer | Facilitator | Coach

With a background in healthcare, leadership, positive psychology, wellbeing and social enterprise, Robin is passionate about delivering training that speaks to the whole person. She believes in the saying that ‘Who you are is how you lead’ and knows that outer change begins with an inner journey, both personal and professional. She approaches training and coaching from a mindful and trauma-sensitive lens. She has delivered training and workshops across corporate, non-profit, and education sectors. Her favorite training topics include Emotional Fitness, Embodied Resilience, Speaking and Storytelling, and Preventing Burnout.

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Typical training locations, feel free to add your own :-)
We will deliver training where ever you'd like it, so if you need a great excuse to visit somewhere, get in touch and we'll create something just for you.  Mike is actively seeking new training opportunities in Singapore so for a special deal in 2024 reach out now!

Regional Contacts

Join us for a fun time

Join our Team

If you'd like to become a trainer you are welcome to come to Christchurch in New Zealand and train with us.  We can provide you the necessary training and practice to be exceptional.  We tailor each 'train the trainer' experience to suit the needs of each applicant.  Typically we'd provide, trainer training, opportunities to sit in on corporate deliveries, opportunities to co-deliver corporate programs with feedback provided, our training materials to take home and start your own training business with an awesome foundation.   Additionally, we can usually provide accommodation and an awesome peer group into outdoor adventures to ensure that you have a great time.  Get in touch with us using the form on the home page of this website to begin your incredible journey.

If you'd like to become an affiliate promoter in a specific region of the world get in touch with us using the form on the home page of this website and we'll look forward to exploring options with you.

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