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Meet Mike

Mike is an international award winning, innovative trainer with a passion for productivity and performance.  During his service in the British Army, and in his capacity as a Chartered Aircraft Engineer, Mike developed practical, hands on leadership and management experience. He led teams of up to 120 people and was deployed on operational tours of duty. How people best perform, both as individuals and in teams, has been Mike’s focus for two decades. His work has won international awards and he is passionate about the practical application of the latest research into human performance.  He designs and delivers practical and engaging programs for government departments, industry, academia, schools and community groups.


It does not matter where you need training, mike will be there.  It could be a mountain lodge, in the wilderness, an air traffic control tower, in a power station, your board room or a local hotel.  Likewise, the country you need the training in can be accommodated, Mike will travel to where ever you need training delivered.  Mike is actively seeking new training opportunities in Singapore so for a special deal reach out  and book training in 2024.


Mike has a long term partner and 2 sons, so values quality family time.  This is combined with a passion for adventures, so expect to find him and his family tramping, rafting, skiing and generally enjoying the outdoors. Community is important to Mike and he takes an active role to promote and assist with the work of Living Springs to nurture the next generation and protect the environment.

If you need to contact Mike urgently or if your email communication has not been responded to within 3 days (sometimes things do vanish into the ether or get caught in spam filters), please do call or text Mike on +64 212 335571

Typical training locations, feel free to add your own :-)

Join us for a fun time

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