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Speak Easy

Confidence is a critical element for anyone to be successful and is a predictor of performance at work and in life.

Mike Catton designed Speak Easy in 2009 and has delivered it 50+ times since then in various formats to over 2,000 people. It is one of his favourite programs since people visibly change during the 2 days, developing confidence and self-esteem. By the end of this practical course expect to be comfortable standing in front of a group delivering a presentation that is engaging and effective. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be as you master the art of speaking in public, telling your story to shape your organisation and make your brand stand out.


Act courageously now to overcome fear and grow in confidence today.

Public Speaker

Who is Speak Easy For?


If you need to speak with or influence others in order to achieve your goals then this is the course for you. Speak Easy is for leaders who want to inspire teams, facilitators who want to engage audiences and sales professionals who need to influence buyers. Of course, Speak Easy is just as useful outside work too, whether that be speaking at a family wedding or coaching your kids soccer team.


It covers all the bases from content design and story creation through to awesome delivery and audience engagement. You will get all your speaking questions answered and have lots of practice. The practice of each skill we teach is the aspect of the course that makes it unique and most impactful for you. You won’t just know what makes a great speaker, you will be on the path to being a great speaker. Our goal is for you to be confident and persuasive.

Our Promises to You

We are confident in the results we will get for you. Given our performance to date we can make three promises:

  • You will gain great ideas and concepts.

  • You will receive practical, useable tools and strategies.

  • You will be engaged, entertained and inspired.

Return on Investment

Seeing results for you is important for us which is why our Speak Easy program has 3 key elements.

  1. Pre-Course. This includes some pre-study, self analysis and material preparation so that your time with us is put to best effect.

  2. The Course. Speak Easy is fun and engaging leading to better understanding and retention. It’s also practical and action-orientated so you don’t just know the skills, you can do them.

  3. Post-Course. Implementation is the critical step so post-course action is planned in the final phase of the course.

We guarantee that you’ll like the course and see results. If you are not satisfied that you made a great decision to attend the course by the end of day 1, you are free to depart and we will provide a 100% refund. Whatever happens, you win.

The Details


  • The 2 day course runs from 9am to 4.30pm each day. The options for the public program remaining in 2023 is:

    • October 17+18.

  • The course will be delivered in Christchurch, New Zealand. For those coming from overseas we can provide a $500 discount to offset your flights.

  • The venue is Addington Raceway. There is plenty of parking onsite.

Booking your Place


Standard rate for Speak Easy in 2023 is $2,525+GST. The early bird rate (up until 1st September, for the October course) is just $1,995+GST. This includes access to an online learning platform with resources, your workbook, lunch and refreshments throughout the course.

Sponsorships are available for charitable organisations and other special cases so please do enquire. Register in good time so that you can benefit from the early bird rate and have time to complete your pre-course preparations.

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“Public speaking is well acknowledged as one of our greatest fears. Mike provides an engaging and pragmatic way to break it down in to tangible actions to take control and develop your speaking skills in a way that builds confidence alongside capability. As with all Mike’s training there is a large component of learning by doing; which in a group setting promotes inclusiveness and trust amongst the group. In this way the course provides both skill building and team building in the one setting.”

Brett Aldridge

National Manager Road Safety Regulation

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