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High Performance Training Experiences

Peak Performance in any endeavour is worth striving for.  The work we do on ourselves and our teams is the most valuable work we can do.  Peak Performers earn disproportionate rewards in life and as a result enjoy greater success and fulfilment.  To be a Peak Performer requires focus and effort both at the individual and team level.


Elevate Yourself and Your Team

Mike Catton is passionate about helping you reach ever closer to your potential.  He has worked with many individuals and teams and his goal is to help you lift your game as quickly as possible. Mike Catton can deliver Peak Performance training modules off the shelf for speed, value and efficiency to get your team started on its success journey.  Once on the journey he will work with you to design specific training interventions, tailored for your team, to assist them to reach ever higher. Mike Catton will partner with you for many years since he is committed to ensuring that you get the results you seek.

Contact Mike Catton now to discuss your team development needs to reach Peak Performance.


Training That Makes A Difference

Team Talk


Upskilling is all about giving people the tools they need to do a great job. The right tools help ensure that team members are engaged and doing the best work they can.  Mike’s areas of speciality include leadership and productivity, and he provides workshops on a variety of topics in these fields. In addition he can consult with you on your entire leadership and development program and advise on modules he can deliver as well as recommend experts for the delivery of other modules such as sales and marketing.

Volunteer Team


Essential to any organisation is a high performing team, and for a team to perform at its best it needs strategies which enable team members to understand each other well, and strategies to enable those team members to work together well.  Only then can teams successfully bring together all of the strengths of each individual, and start to reach optimal performance. Mike is able to work with you to design the best possible training for your team so they can perform at their best.   Whatever the design, you can rest assured that Mike’s trainings are always engaging, entertaining and inspiring. They contain practical strategies which you and your team can start applying immediately and will help your team to become a high performing unit.



The performance of a business depends on the performance of its leaders.  Extended time in nature is known to calm the mind and de-stress the body, whilst boosting mental performance and creativity. Jack Welsh is reputed to have made just 4 key decisions in his 20 years as CEO of GE; all 4 of them made during recreational breaks.  Is it about time you gave yourself the advantage?



Speak Easy is Mike's premier 2 day practical public speaking course. It covers all the bases from content design and story creation through to awesome delivery and audience engagement. By the end of this practical course expect to be comfortable standing in front of a group delivering a presentation that is engaging and effective. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be as you master the art of speaking in public, telling your story to shape your organisation and make your brand stand out. You won’t just know what makes a great

speaker, you will be on the path to being a great speaker. 

Happy Clients

"I have worked with Mike as a senior manager in two organisations, with large operational groups focused on better delivery of regulation and also small groups working on presentation skills. Regardless of the size, focus, and organisation Mike has delivered exactly what was required in a way that has engaged and captivated those involved.  If you believe in the importance of relationships and communication then Mike's sessions will take you and your staff to the next level in all aspects of business and life in general. Alongside imparting a basic understanding of how people tick he provides concrete techniques to create respectful, trusting relationships around difficult regulatory conversations to influence behaviour."

Brett Aldridge, Senior Manager Regulatory Compliance Rail System, 
New Zealand Transport Agency

“Mike Catton is the best Training Consultant and Coach that I have ever worked with.  The value that he has contributed to our leadership programmes has been outstanding. His workshops have been engaging and insightful and most importantly everyone has a lot of fun. Mike’s workshops have inspired our people to make positive changes by focusing on unleashing their potential.  Mike has an tremendous ability to bring the best out of people.  Our people have left his workshops feeling confident in their newly acquired skills and the realisation that they will make a difference.   This is evident in the feedback that we have received and from what our leaders have observed in the workplace. Thank you Mike for all the work you have done for us to date, we look forward to our ongoing relationship with you because of the positive impact that you have had on all of us.”

Fleur Evans, Organisational Development Manager, Meridian

“Mike is a Leadership champion who creates an environment of trust, controlled energy and personal connection.  I’ve had the pleasure of participating with two groups from our business and the value received has been greater than all previous Management Leadership training I’ve done. My operations leaders and senior management team were equally impressed.  Mike provides a delightful balance of practical lessons, with referral to great leaders and visionaries and shares his own life lessons and insightful observations. The clarity and simplicity of his explanations of sometimes complex concepts really hits home and his facilitation in open forum discussion is fantastic.  The resources Mike provided are now central parts of my Management tool kit.”

Grant Harford, National Operations Manager, MG Marketing

“Mike has delivered several workshops for us as part of our leadership development programme and to develop our peoples' core skills. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has gone the extra mile to ensure he catered to the needs of our people. Mike's workshop design and facilitation style ensured that participants had an enjoyable time and left motivated with the tools required to implement change. If an organisation is looking for a provider who produces results and genuinely cares about the experience of the people they work with, I would recommend they approach Mike. Thanks Mike for what you have done for us to date, we look forward to having you back again.”

Matt Holstein, Organisational Development Advisor, AgResearch

“We are all capable of greatness.  It’s just a matter of deciding what we want to be great at then taking the action necessary to get there.”

Michael Catton


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